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Blackhawk A/R Double Mag Coupler Top Round Cap 70MC00BK | Tactical-Kit

 The "Magazine Coupler" (MC) is designed to provide operators with the ability to quickly and efficiently reload their rifles with a second magazine without compromising the reliability of the weapon. The MC uses fixed standoff points molded into the carrier to prevent the magazines from moving relative to each other. The strong molded Nylon case uses three bolt-through connectors to insure that the magazines are locked in place, even after repeated aggressive loadings or dropping of the magazines to the ground. A "Top Round Protector" TRP is used to prevent the top round in the extra, unprotected magazine, from being unintentionally dislodged forward of the front edge of the magazine due to the firing of the weapon. One round from the extra magazine is removed and the TRP is loaded in its place. The TRP is removed quickly by applying thumb pressure down and forward on the top rear release tab. The TRP is normally released before the start of the reloading cycle so that the hand used to control the magazines can be moved down near the bottom of the MC unit before the rifle's magazine latch has been activated.

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