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0241 Tactical Coyote Brown Neck Gaiter

0241 Tactical Coyote Brown  Neck Gaiter
Stock Status: Sold Out
Since 2001 the Marine Corps began adopting Coyote Tan for their boots, vests, pouches, and backpacks because Coyote Tan when used with desert or woodland patterns, blends very well. This is the reason you will find Coyote Tan in both MARPAT Desert and Woodland patterns and why the US Army is now switching its vests and load bearing equipment to Coyote.
0241 Tactical neck gaiters go well with Multicam, A-TACS, and other patterns so you don't have to buy specific accessories for each load-out you own. However if you wish to have a complete matching camouflage set, including your accessories, we have those too.
0241Tactical has made our neck gaiters using the same construction found in our other neck gaiters  using a moisture wicking cotton/polyester blend with a high stretch quakity to them. Unlike other neck gaiters we have edged the inside and outside of our neck gaiters giving it a very nice finish on the inside and out.
Keep your head camouflaged and protected from the dust and wind. Numerous ways to wear a neck gaiter! Keep your head warm, or protected from dust and wind! A must have while in dusty environments.  
0241 Tactical