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0241 Tactical Operator Pullover Jacket - Multicam
0241 Tactical Operator Pullover Jacket - Multicam    

100% USA MADE. Simple in design, incredibly tough, and affordable for everyone from Airsofters to real-steal operator's. 0241Tactical will be the sole seller (product sold from producer directly to customer). Built using genuine Mil-Spec materials with quality American construction.

Focus on what this jacket is and is not. It is not a jacket full of hidden pockets you'll never use. It doesn't have removable linings or a hidden jet-pack. Its practical - the majority of our customers wear body armour, vests, or load bearing gear over their jackets.

0241 Tactical designed and built jackets void of excess pockets and accessories that become null and void once you don your equipment but raise the cost of the Jacket. When you remove those items, what’s left is a functional jacket that's built to incredible standards, and affordable - even in the more expensive patterns!

Yes these items are 100% USA made.


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