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5.11 Thumb Drive Thigh Rig 50029 | Tactical-Kit

 Compatible with all 5.11 Bladetech holster

The ThumbDriveTM Thigh Rig


  • Two adjustable ballistic nylon leg tension straps
  • Rubberized threads
  • Quick detach buckle
  • Height-adjustable drop leg strap
  • Durable swivel clip

The ThumbDriveTM Thigh Rig attachment is designed to allow you to easily attach your ThumbDriveTM holster onto a flexible leg platform. There are two adjustable ballistic nylon leg tension straps with rubberized threads sewn through to keep the rig from sliding or shifting from the weight of a holstered firearm. Each strap comes with an easy to use, quick detach buckle. Mounting holes are built in across the platform to allow the wearer to adapt it to an array of accessories in a configuration of their choosing. A height-adjustable drop leg strap comes with a durable swivel clip that permits the reinforced strap to bend at the waist without bulging. Hardware is supplied with the set. Available only in black

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5.11 Thumb Drive level 2 Retention Holster5.11 Thumb Drive level 2 Retention Holster

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