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Agilite Warfighter Cummerbund

Agilite Warfighter Cummerbund
Agilite Warfighter Cummerbund
Agilite Warfighter Cummerbund
Agilite Warfighter Cummerbund
Agilite Warfighter Cummerbund

• The Warfighter™ Cummerbund is the most advanced semi-rigid plate carrier cummerbund on the market. It was designed with both Israeli and US Special forces to fix all of the comfort and functionality issues with load bearing cummerbunds.

• Compatible with any plate carrier with hook and loop surfaces including the K-Zero Plate Carrier and the K19 Plate Carrier (2.0 and 3.0 versions) with the Cummerbund MOLLE back flap adapter.

• Most stretch cummerbunds sag under weight when carrying heavy equipment such as radios and side armor. The Warfighter cummerbund is semi-stiffened to support heavy loads, stretches for comfort and maneuverability, but will never sag even under substantial loads.

• Allows you to switch between either velcro flaps quickly and easily, on both sides, so you can customize your cummerbund EXACTLY how you like it.

• Features a complete three rows of MOLLE, offering maximum mounting options both internally and externally. Despite this, it maintains a lightweight, skeletal design that allows for maximum airflow and keeps you cool under fire.

• The Warfighter cummerbund is compatible with the K-Zero Plate Carrier without needing any accessories or modifications. It's also compatible with the K19 Plate Carrier just by adding the modular rear MOLLE flap.

• It’s compatible with Agilite Flank™ Hard side armor carriers and all other common side armor, radios, pouches and more.

• Whether you are defending your country at the tip of the spear, defending your community or defending your home the Warfighter cummerbund will give you an edge.

M: 22.5*5.5*0.5 inches (57*14*1cm)
L: 25*5.5*0.5 inches (64*14*1cm)
XL:28*5.5*0.5 inches (72*14*1cm)

M: 126gr
L: 140gr
XL: 152gr

• Laser-cut Velcro overlay panels
• Laser-cut Squadron™ laminate
• 500D CORDURA ® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• CURV® Thermoplastic Composite material

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