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AXL designs and manufactures high performance upgrades and improvements for Crye Precision®, FirstSpear®, Velocity Systems, Mayflower, Velocity Systems, S&S Precision, Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts, LBT (London Bridge Traders), Eagle Industries, and other great Military/LE gear brands.

Made in America.

AXL AVS Micro Harness (Non Hot Swap)
£89.99 (£74.99 ex.VAT)
AXL AVS Micro Shoulder Pads
£69.99 (£58.33 ex.VAT)
AXL Structural Shoulder Pads
£64.99 (£54.16 ex.VAT)
AXL AVS Sub-Load (SLA)
£44.99 (£37.49 ex.VAT)
AXL Pouch Anywhere (Pair)
From: £12.99 (£10.83 ex.VAT)
AXL Spiritus Systems Hi-Top Zipper Inserts
From: £29.99 (£24.99 ex.VAT)
AXL Advanced Admin Zipper for the  JPC
£39.99 (£33.33 ex.VAT)
AXL Advanced Battery Anywhere
£24.99 (£20.83 ex.VAT)
AXL Advanced Fanny Slap
From: £34.99 (£29.16 ex.VAT)
AXL Advanced Molle Full Panel
£44.99 (£37.49 ex.VAT)
AXL Advanced Molle Half Panel
£34.99 (£29.16 ex.VAT)
AXL Sandwich Bag
£32.95 (£27.46 ex.VAT)

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