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AXL Advanced Velcro Loop Adapter

£29.16 (ex. VAT)
AXL Advanced Velcro Loop Adapter
AXL Advanced Velcro Loop Adapter
AXL Advanced Velcro Loop Adapter
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Drop in panel for your MOLLE carriers to add a 6"x9" field of loop Velcro for chest rigs, other swift clip/placards and cummerbunds to attach to either the front or back of your carrier.

Made entirely out of our lightweight composite material, the loop field becomes a second skin on your carrier adding almost no weight and without having to MOLLE the adapter on, all while remaining rigidly attached.

Allows you to attach velcro cummerbunds to your plate carrier like Ferro Concepts, SKD STT, FirstSpear Tubes, and more (when attached to the back of a carrier).

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