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Bolle X800 II Tactical Goggles | Tactical-Kit

 Bolle X800 II Tactical Goggles is a Ballistic Goggle designed for long term use and helmet compatibility. Military / Tactical Bolle X-800 II Goggles design features allow for exceptional peripheral vision and comfortable fit. Bolle X-800 II Ballistic Goggles black frame 100800110 is constructed of impact resistent "Zytel" and a special "bi-raw material" contruction process bonds to the interior sections and allows for a soft comfortable fit without the use of foam. Interior sections of Bolle T800 Tactical Goggles frame that seal to the face are made of an anti-allergenic elastomer rubber.

High impact Bolle X-800 II Goggles 2.2 mm polycarbonate Replacement Lens of Bolle T 800 R Goggles is anti-fog coated on the interior and anti-scratch coated on the exterior and provides 100% UV absorption. The nylon back strap of X 800 Bolle Tactical Goggle is 35 mm wide and is 73 mm long. T-800 Bolle Tactical Goggles  has an elastic extension of 160% allowing easy use with a helmet. Bolle X 800 Tactical Goggles are currently in use by U.S. Special Forces, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and many municipal SWAT Teams.

Bolle X800 Tactical Goggle Frame

  • Impact resistant Zytel and elastomer rubber

Bolle T-800 Military Goggle Lens

  • Single 2.2 mm polycarbonate

Foamless Face Seal

  • Anti-allergenic elastomer rubber face seal bonded to the Zytel frame

Bolle T-800 Tactical Goggle Strap

  • 35 mm wide Nylon Fiber
  • 73 cm long with 160% elasticity

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