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Brave Castle BCR-1 Chest Rig

Brave Castle BCR-1 Chest Rig
Brave Castle BCR-1 Chest Rig
Brave Castle BCR-1 Chest Rig
Brave Castle BCR-1 Chest Rig
Brave Castle BCR-1 Chest Rig
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The BCR-1 is an elastic cummerbund style chest rig built to accept magazine shingles in many calibers. A Velcro closure system on the front placard accepts a single or multiple shingles at once and is meant to swap shingles between different magazine sizes for changing weapon systems and load out needs. From the stripped down, sleek covert to the more medium overt load out requiring a range of equipment storage needs, the BCR-1 shines in its open ended possibilities in modularity. Wanna convert your Velcro closure plate carrier to a FIRSTSPEAR TUBES SYSTEM? The BCR-1 front placard will clip into SWIFTCLIPS and stick to a PCs front Velcro panel and the cummerbunds will replace your PCs existing cummerbunds.

Out of the box the BCR-1 will run as a solid chest rig. It sticks to you like a glove holding magazines and equipment tight to the body allowing fast direction changes , sprinting and all around athletic range actions. A major goal of the BCR-1 was to create a rig that had quick dawn and doff. Chest rigs can tend to be floppy puzzles to get on and I wanted to make getting the BCR-1 on a snap, literally.

The FIRSTSPEAR TUBES SYSTEM made this possible. I have been a fan of this system for years. After proper sizing utilizing the BCR-1 back sizing panel, this chest rig snaps on rapidly and hugs the body right where you place it. To get out is just as easy and fast. Some sacrifices are made in cummerbund real estate by using this system as one magazine pocket is taken up by the buckles on each side and on-the-fly sizing adjustments are not possible, but I feel that the benefits outweigh the draw backs. The level of modularity achieved by the FIRSTSPEAR TUBES SYSTEM is exactly what is was looking to get. The BCR-1 is a “stick to you, stick with you” chest rig that accepts a myriad of magazine shingles in multiple calibers then converts onto a plate carrier thus making it a TUBES system circumventing the use and wear and tear on your PCs Velcro.

To run it on a plate carrier to upgrade it to a FIRSTSPEAR TUBES SYSTEM, simply remove the shoulder straps, back sizing panel, place the placard on the front Velcro field on your PC, size the cummerbunds on the back Velcro panel on your PC and snap the TUBES into place. A PLATE CARRIER WITH A CONTAINED BACK VELCRO PANEL IS NECESSARY FOR PROPER USE. Many PCs have a Velcro flap to cover the back panel that further engages the Velcro on the cummerbunds, and in the BCR-1's case, contain excess material from sizing. Plate Carries like the Ferro FCPC5 and the TREX ARMS AC1 are examples of a back sealing PC’s, though there are many on the market.

The BCR-1 has two 556 sized cell pockets on the Left side cummerbund and the Right side cummerbund has one 556 sized cells and one 4” med pocket cells. The 4” pocket has multiple loop fields, inside and out, to accept a GP med pouch (sold separately) and other future modular pouches.

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