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Coyote Tactical Solutions Quick  Detach Adaptive Cummerbunds
Coyote Tactical Solutions Quick  Detach Adaptive Cummerbunds  Coyote Tactical Solutions Quick  Detach Adaptive Cummerbunds  Coyote Tactical Solutions Quick  Detach Adaptive Cummerbunds  
Please note: we are only offer velcro face versions. 

The new 2019 cummerbund improvements are here. Now featuring Quick Detach capability, modular front panels, and modular side cummerbund options. Our cummerbunds offer the maximum in support for your plate carrier while also being compatible with all carriers on the market that have a velcro front and rear. 

We offer (2) two cummerbund solutions for the end user:

The Alpha Cummerbund was designed around the need for comfort and extra load carriage. Adjustable to any torso size, the cummerbund enables the user to cinch down to a comfortable fit, which facilitates breathing during heavy stresses. Alpha cummerbund side comes with four (4) large sleeves able to hold rifle magazines, radios, medical blowouts, tourniquets and much more. Retention is solid, requiring a firm authoritative pull to release your selected item. With the addition of our bungee retention system, you now have a jumpable platform that will secure all your contents. Alpha Cummerbund also features interior mounting for upcoming soft/hard armor side armor solutions.

The Omega Cummerbund was designed around maximum concealability. This serves as a great low profile concealed system for operators overseas wanting to maintain a low signature, Law Enforcement running undercover operations, or civilians not requiring the bulk of added gear to your sides. 

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