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Coyote Tactical Solutions Shoulder Pads

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Product Description 

These shoulder pads are optimal under load bearing vests.

We set out to make a pad that absorbed impact, improved comfort and airflow, was light, and also had anti microbial and sweat proof properties. Using a blend of foams, laminated stiffeners, and an outer antimicrobial shell compressed into a honeycomb structure we created what we believe to be the best shoulder pad on the market. With our built in laminated stiffener, the entire 2.5" x 8" surface area is a load bearing surface. No more will your shoulder pad fold and direct all the weight of the carrier to the center of the pad. Our honeycomb structure acts as a distributive structure to disperse impact and improve airflow.


  • 2.5" x 8" load bearing surface area
  • Integrated stiffener to distribute load
  • Outer antimicrobial shell
  • Outer one-wrap velcro for hydration / cable management
  • upper 1" elastic loops for cable management
  • Honeycomb pad structure to improve comfort and improve airflow between channels


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