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ESSTAC 5.56 KYWI 1+2 W/Double Pistol Velcro Flap
ESSTAC 5.56 KYWI 1+2 W/Double Pistol Velcro Flap  ESSTAC 5.56 KYWI 1+2 W/Double Pistol Velcro Flap    

Esstac M4 KYWI with double pistol  velcro flap

KYWI+ designated mag pouches were designed by PIG to expand the benefits of the Esstac KYWI design to multiple applications. The Esstac KYWI+ Single M4 / Pistol Pouch will hold 1 x M4 30 Round Magazine, and 2 x Pistol magazines up Glock 9/40 in size. These pouches work great as utility pouches for Flashlights and Multi-tools or anything else that needs a retention pouch. If you want to have an open-top pistol mag, merely tuck the retention flap into the pouch body and insert the pistol magazines for additional friction retention.

The spring loaded nature of these Kydex inserts keep the mouth of the Magazine pocket fully open for ease of magazine reinsertion yet hold the mags tight under compression. The apex of the KYWI that contacts the magazine sits above the Mag catch bump when the magazine is in place, so the mags "click" into place.

2 Malice Clips included.

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