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Ferro Concepts - Assault Solution V4.3
Ferro Concepts - Assault Solution V4.3  Ferro Concepts - Assault Solution V4.3    

Assault Solution V4.3

We have bundled together a few of our best products for the FCPC ASSAULT SOLUTION. This lightweight package is the ultimate jumpable plate carrier for Military and Law Enforcement professionals using an AR-15 platform. The package includes: FCPC-BASE V4.3, SHOULDERPADS, ADAPT CUMMERBUND, FCPC-FF-KTAR (Kydex Triple AR)
Sized by plate size: Medium SAPI plate = Medium FCPC-ASSAULT SOLUTION
The Front Panel:

The main focus is the FCPC-MFFS (Modular Front Flap System), you can now quickly exchange front flaps for different rifle or mission requirement, even while still wearing the FCPC.  We have ensured weight saving wherever possible- the administration pouch with elastic keepers designed to store maps, pens, magazines, flare pens, etc. Loop Velcro covered PALS on the chest for call-sign patches. Vertical PALS on chest for attaching chest rigs and communication. The body side is lined with mesh for maximum breathability.

The Rear Panel:

Accepts all FCPC-CUMMERBUNDS with easy access to adjust cummerbunds.  MOLLE modular pouches can be easily mounted. A carry handle on the top makes lugging your kit around a breeze. The body side is lined with mesh for maximum breathability

The Shoulder Straps:
Laser cut from the strongest laminate material on the market, our shoulder straps offer low profile, comfort, grip, and durability. Fully adjustable and complete with ITW G-HOOKS for quick don and doff, and elastic loops included to cover the G-HOOKS for extra security.

The ADAPT Cummerbund: SIZE MEDIUM - 23" overall length one side. 13" between velcro.
The ADAPT Cummerbund was designed to be the lowest profile MOLLE compatible cummerbund on the market. Compatible with The Slickster, FCPC and a wide variety of carriers on the market. It is constructed from 6/12 engineered material which offers loop velcro along the inside to allow the user to mount velcro pouches along the inside such as our Turnover pouches. Securely attach a wide variety of accessories such as radio pouches, side armor plates, magazine pouches, etc.  The ADAPT Cummerbund is adjustable front and rear with hook and loop.
The Kydex Triple AR15 front flap:
The Kydex Triple AR15 front flap attaches to the front of the FCPC-BASE. It supports positive retention to 3 AR15 magazines via 0.080" Kydex and a rubberized laser cut material that is in contact with the magazine.  Covered in correctly spaced 3/4" webbing (which reduces weight but offers the same carrying capability as 1" webbing), this product is fully compatible with all modular pockets on the market. Includes 3 removable bungees and pull tabs for extra magazine security while jumping. 

The Shoulder Pads:

The FCPC-SHOULDER PADS offer maximum comfort and breathability. Utilizing the strongest laser cut coated nylon material on the market, these shoulder pads give multiple options for communication and hydration routing. Made from 1/4" foam and 3mm spacer mesh against the users body.
Manufactured in Canada/USA

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