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ALWAYS READY … our markers utilise radioluminescent light sources which require no battery, charging or switching.   Firefly markers can be taken straight out of your Bergen and put to use - no need to charge them with a flashlight or worry about whether the battery is charged!   They operate normally in all environmental conditions, even underwater, over a service life of 10+ years.   These are seriously useful devices for those who operate in darkness.


Firefly Bivvy Marker
£5.99 (£4.99 ex.VAT)
Firefly Super Kit Marker
£9.99 (£8.33 ex.VAT)
Nite Glowring
£10.99 (£9.16 ex.VAT)
Firefly ArcMarker Mk2
£8.49 (£7.08 ex.VAT)

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