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FROG.PRO Monte Cervino Tactical Belt

FROG.PRO Monte Cervino Tactical Belt
FROG.PRO Monte Cervino Tactical Belt
FROG.PRO Monte Cervino Tactical Belt
FROG.PRO Monte Cervino Tactical Belt
FROG.PRO Monte Cervino Tactical Belt

The Monte Cervino Tactical Belt stands out in the panorama of tactical belts for the introduction of new and unique technical and design elements that make it the perfect tactical belt, chosen by the most demanding operators: light, robust, durable, comfortable, safe.

The Monte Cervino Tactical Belt takes its name from the homonymous mountain Cervino (also called Matterhorn) located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, which, with its height of 4.478 m and its particularly pronounced pyramidal shape, has always been considered a point of reference in the mountaineering scene as it is known for the technical difficulty and preparation required to reach the acclaimed summit.

This belt, incorporating all the experience of FROG.PRO and the maximum expression of construction technique in the field of tactical defense equipment, perfectly embodies the spirit with which one faces the arduous climb to emerge victorious.

The base structure, made from a single cut of Tegris 12L technopolymer, guarantees the rigidity and structural solidity necessary to support the weight of the pouches and the holster applied via a belt loop attachment.

The inner part is covered by Ultra-Mate® hook tape from Velcro® brand in black color, which, thanks to its excellent adhesion power, allows for a solid fixation on the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt. The thin profile of Ultra-Mate®, less rough and aggressive than commonly used velcro, helps in preserving the integrity of the rest of the equipment and clothing as well as eliminating any discomfort from rubbing on the hips caused by traditional tactical belts.

The outer part, made out of LAHYCO composite fabric composed by Hypalon and Cordura® 500D, is laser cut to obtain the proprietary FROG.PRO® Multi-Dot MOLLE PALS system, further enriched by interface holes for the new patented U.LOK magnetic system for instant detachment and reattachment of medical pouches or other accessories. The perimeter of the belt is also covered with MIL-PRF-5038 binding tape with double stitching, designed to prevent wear from rubbing and therefore increase the operational life of the equipment.

The load-bearing band of the belt is made of 1" MIL-SPEC tubular webbing, MIL-W-5625K type, with a breaking load of 4.000 lbs (1.815 kg), while the closure is entrusted to a 1" aluminum AustriAlpin® COBRA buckle in matte black anodized color with breaking load in loop configuration of 18 kN (1.835 kg). The buckle is equipped with the brand new SNAKEBITE system which, once tightened, prevents the strap from loosening, even when moving.

The SAFETY END TIP system has been implemented on the free end of the load-bearing band: when the tab meets the buckle, the system acts as a block and prevents the webbing from accidentally slipping off causing the belt to open involuntarily. Otherwise, if you want to voluntarily remove the strap from the buckle to insert the holster, simply remove the One-Wrap® tape and press the tab inside the buckle.

On the opposite side, instead, the webbing is folded and stitched with Bar Tack stitching to form a concealed ring, which can be used to apply a Personal Retention Lanyard.

This belt features a unique design: starting from a width of 2" on the sides to facilitate torso movements and the application of pouches and holsters using belt loop attachments, the shape widens up to 4" in the lumbar area following an anatomical design to create a comfort pad. This design, in addition to increasing general comfort in the lumbar area, allows for the stable attachment of critical equipment such as the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), typically applied in this area.

The Monte Cervino Tactical Belt is available in four different sizes:

• SM 80-92 cm 
• MD 88-100 cm 
• LG 96-108 cm 
• XL 104-116 cm

ATTENTION: The measures shown are related to the inner circumference of the belt when closed. For a correct sizing, wear the garments you would use together with the belt and wear the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt or a similar belt, then measure your waist circumference with a soft tape measure directly above the latter. If you don’t have a soft tape measure, you can use a non-elastic rope and then measure it with a hard meter.

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