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Griffon Industries Heat & Mirage Mitigation System
Griffon Industries Heat & Mirage Mitigation System  Griffon Industries Heat & Mirage Mitigation System    
This System was designed and created by a former special forces operator to help avoid contact burns in CQB environments as well as mitigate mirage for Sniper/DMR applications. The system has been tested extensively by different organizations in both military and law enforcement. Their reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, as this is the first product of its type to be able to handle both Rapid Semi-Auto fire and sustained Full Auto fire.

Available Lengths:
Mini – 5” (ex. Surefire Mini, AAC Mini-4)
SOCOM – 6” (ex. KAC QDSS-NT4, GemTech Halo)
Middy – 7.5” (ex. AAC 762-SDN-6)
DMR – 9” (Surefire FA762K)


Features and uses:

  • Minimizes contact burns in urban and vehicle operations
  • Fire Retardant thread
  • MSDS Compliant
  • Reduces mirage & dissipates heat

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