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HRT has evolved from a tactical training-only company to a tactical gear company. We feel this has given us an advantage in the industry. We not only sell these products, we actually use them in real-world scenarios. This allows us to stay competitive and deliver innovative new products in an ever-changing industry.


HRT 2-Band Molle Cummerbund
From: £49.99 (£41.66 ex.VAT)
HRT Heavy Maximus Insert
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)
HRT HRAC Adaptive Plate Carrier
From: £139.99 (£116.66 ex.VAT)
HRT Maximus Placard
From: £99.99 (£83.33 ex.VAT)
HRT RAC Plate Carrier
From: £184.99 (£154.16 ex.VAT)
HRT Response Insert
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)
HRT Response Placard
From: £69.99 (£58.33 ex.VAT)
HRT Sporran Hanger Pouch
£59.99 (£49.99 ex.VAT)
HRT Tactical Hand Warmer
£59.99 (£49.99 ex.VAT)
HRT Tourniquet Pouch V2
£16.99 (£14.16 ex.VAT)
HRT Triple AR Placard
From: £69.99 (£58.33 ex.VAT)
HRT Zipper Pocket Maximus Insert
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)
SMG Maximus Insert
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)

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