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OT Defense Firearms Deluxe Stippling Kt
OT Defense Firearms Deluxe Stippling Kt  OT Defense Firearms Deluxe Stippling Kt  OT Defense Firearms Deluxe Stippling Kt  

Step down 220V to 110V transformer plug included 

100% Made in the USA!  From the molded case to the tips to the wire brush, this kit is completely made in the USA and all tips are specifically designed for firearms, not wood.  

Stippling provides you with as much or as little grip as YOU need on YOUR gun. For example, a concealed carry pistol may have little to no texture on the body side, and aggressive texture on the other 3 sides of the pistol. A duty gun could have aggressive texture all the way around to ensure good grip whether or not your hand is covered in blood, water, snow, etc. 

This kit features:

25 Watt Woodburner with a short shaft for ease of control and a moderate temperature. 

Tan Hard Case for convenient storage of all your stippling items. 

One 20LPI Waffle Tip (shown)

One 20LPI Square Tip

One 20LPI Finish Tip

One Point Tip

One 16LPI Waffle Tip

One 12LPI Waffle Tip

One Diamond Tip (shown)

One X Tip (shown)

One Wagon Wheel Tip (shown)

One Chisel Tip

One Small Round Tip

One Large Round Tip

One Rectangle Tip (shown)

Two Large plastic vial to hold the tips  

Three small plastic vials for the 20LPI tips and Finish Tip

One piece of practice material, 2x6' and 1/8" thick so you can stipple both sides

The case is sand tan in color (just because) and provides plenty of room for practice material, a wire brush, and any other small stippling specific tools you want to keep together. Lid opens all the way so the case does not tip over when you open it. 


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