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PIG CR H-Harness Kit
PIG CR H-Harness Kit  PIG CR H-Harness Kit  PIG CR H-Harness Kit  PIG CR H-Harness Kit
PIG H-Harness Kit
The release of the PIG CR H-Harness Kit represents the best solution available today for a real need for chest rig users- a kit that reliably converts an X-strap to an H-harness configuration for specially designed PIG Chest Rig straps. Owner’s of Eagle’s popular Universal Chest Rig (CR-UTV, SKD, SKD All Molle and standard versions) will be able to use the CR H-Harness Kit in conjunction with the New PIG CR-UTV Upgrade Straps (sold separately).
The H-Harness kit can also be used with the New PIG BRIG Chest Rig Series (June 2012), and the PIG UCR (Universal Chest Rig) .
The CR H-Harness Kit works with its specifically designed host PIG Chest Rig straps to allow for a full range of length adjustment and placement of the H cross-member. This is accomplished with 4 pieces of 1” Onewrap that overlap with one another in an alternating sequence to form cross-member. Once the placement and length is determined, a small protective pad locks in the middle portion of the Onewrap and protects it from dust and debris. The pad features integrated 1/8” foam for the wearer’s comfort.
For those of you who need something other than the X strap configuration, this simple and effective kit will dramatically increase your comfort level for training or operations.

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