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PIG SMS (Swift Mechanical Support) Sling
Designed by a professional user who has been issued both 5.56 and 7.62 weapons during his career, the PIG Swift Mechanical Support (SMS) Sling gives you the best of both a Quick Adjust 2 point sling and a traditional loop sling that gives you a rock solid supported shooting platform. The Support Strap connects to a midway point on the rifle just forward of the action, and stays out of the way when the sling is used in 2 point carry mode. If you need to take a hasty sling-supported shot, simply thread your arm through the forward loop created by the front of the sling and the Support Strap, re-grasp the forend and touch your elbow to any solid contact point (such as your knee), and you are now shooting as solidly as you would in Prone or off of a Bench.
The SMS Sling is the ultimate solution for riflemen in both the hunting and tactical fields. The SMS Sling allows for all modes of carry used with a 2 Point Sling. Supported kneeling is one of the most versatile shooting positions when cover or terrain features will not allow for shots to be taken from the Prone, and the SMS sling takes kneeling to new heights of stability. By simply placing your elbow on any solid contact surface (such as your vehicle or wall) when your arm is threaded through the forward loop, you are locking your rifle into place and not merely resting it on top of something.
The SMS Sling is proudly Made in USA by PIG. Currently available in Black, Ranger Green and Coyote. You will need a sling mounting point for the Support Strap.
When used on an AR15 with a railed forend, we recommend any of the following sling mounts:
Fortis Mfg RAP
Midwest Industries QD Front Sling Adaptor
Midwest Industries Front Sling Adaptor
Troy Industries QD 360 Swivel
Troy Industries M913 Rail Mounted Sling Attachment
Viking Tactics Low Profile Sling Mount

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