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Raptor Tactical  Ranger CUBE Cell
Raptor Tactical  Ranger CUBE Cell  Raptor Tactical  Ranger CUBE Cell  Raptor Tactical  Ranger CUBE Cell  Raptor Tactical  Ranger CUBE Cell

Raptor Ranger CUBE Cell pouch is design to fit our RANGER rucksack, We design it to meet requirements for the ALICE frame type of packs. CUBE modular ditty bags organize and hold your gear. Keep your stuff organized for easy quick access. Imagine if you have to get to that one item that is somewhere at the bottom of your backpack, and onyour way you have to pull out all this other items, and set them a side, than put them back again. It takes time and effords, items can get misplaced or lost especially during the night operations. With this bags you can organize everything as you need, keep your sox and tshirts in one, food in the other etc.. While you need something you can just pull this one bag while the other are secured inside of your rocksuck. It is made of Cordura 500D with IRR treatment. Our CUBE pouch as well as our all Utility pouches are closed with double-slide zip fastener with ITW GT Tactical Toggles, which aloud the user to secure it from potential unzipping unpurposely during any AIR operations. Inside of the pouch we installed a tie down loop for securing you SI items. Outside we placed a carrying handle. Raptor CUBE pouch is designed to be inserted horizontally or vertically inside of the backpack and stack up to organize your space.

Product Features:

  • Compact design, closed by a double-slide zip fastener with ITW GT Tactical Toggles
  • Inside tie down loop
  • Zipper keepers for Airborn Operations 
  • Carrying handle

Available in:

  • Multicam
  • Coyote
  • Black
  • Ranger Green

Available Options
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