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SAFARILAND is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of products for the law enforcement, military and sporting goods markets worldwide. Safariland's Duty Gear Division manufacturers holsters, belts and other components, such as magazine and handcuff cases, worn by police and military police personnel.

Safariland 5188 Holster
£34.95 (£29.13 ex.VAT)
GP Gear Thigh Strap
£16.95 (£14.13 ex.VAT)
HW Holsters Thigh Strap
£16.95 (£14.13 ex.VAT)
Safariland Leg Thigh Strap
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)
Safariland QLS Fork
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)
Safariland UBL Mid Ride
£19.99 (£16.66 ex.VAT)
Safariland Tactical MOLLE Adaptor (TMA)
£27.99 (£23.33 ex.VAT)
OT Defense ALS Nub Mod
£29.99 (£24.99 ex.VAT)
Safariland HDA-KIT Hardware
£34.99 (£29.16 ex.VAT)

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