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Shaw Concepts RAID Pouch V2

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       The RAID Pouch was already one of the most innovative products on the market; but we took a look at it and decided our flagship product could be improved upon. So we did just that and are finally ready to introduce the RAID Pouch V2.

         The Releasable-Abdominally-Integrated-Drop Pouch -or- RAID Pouch is our unique take on the industry standard hanger. However instead of just another box pouch hanging under one’s front plate bag and simply holding items, ours uses a First Spear Tube to quickly disconnect from the user. This allows users to better access its contents, lay the pouch next to patients as a medical pouch, hand off the pouch to teammates or simply remove it easily when not needed. The First Spear Tube does not just make it easy to remove but also easy to reconnect singlehandedly.

          On top of that the V2 features a retractable First Spear Tube that will retract into the pouch when the users decide to employ the RAID Pouch V2 in the ‘Fanny Pack’ Configuration. This transition is simple as the Tube is pushed into its pocket (or removed entirely) and the Waist Strap is retrieved and clipped onto the side Elastic Loops. The RAID Pouch V2 features some other changes from the previous generation including Removable Elastic Loop Inserts, simplified Front Loop Field, removal of less popular features and advanced material usage & construction.

RAID V2 Features Break Down:
-First Spear Tube Disconnect (Quick Deployment of Pouch)
-Clamshell Zipper Opening (Great for a laid out IFAK)
-Elastic Tourniquet Sleeve
-Removable Internal Elastic Loop Inserts 
-Internal flat pocket 
-Internal tie down point
-Front zippered pocket
-Large Front Loop Field
-Shock Cord Retention Lashing (Great for a 2nd TQ or Glove Stowage)
-Positive Lock Cord Pulls
-ITW TacToggle for Tube Lanyard (Indexing Tube Buckle)
-Berry Comp. – MADE IN THE USA

-RAID Pouch V2
-RAID Flap (For Carrier/Chest Rig Integration)
-Waist Band w/Clips (For Fanny Pack Config.)

Shaw Concepts
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