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S.O.Tech has been manufacturing nylon tactical gear that's literally "Built to Survive the Worlds Worst". Our company started off in 1997 with one man, a sewing machine and a garage. Today many of our products are now standard issue to several units and branches of the US Military.

S.O.TECH Duty Go Bag, A1
£39.99 (£33.33 ex.VAT)
S.O.Tech Gorilla Pistol Case
From: £36.99 (£30.83 ex.VAT)
S.O.Tech Recce Vest
£130.00 (£108.33 ex.VAT)
S.O.Tech Riggers SERE Belt
£49.99 (£41.66 ex.VAT)
S.O.TECH Tactical 3 Day Assault Pack, A1
From: £149.99 (£124.99 ex.VAT)
S.O.TECH Tactical Battle Bear
£44.99 (£37.49 ex.VAT)
S.O.TECH Tactical Go Bag, Mini
From: £129.99 (£108.33 ex.VAT)
S.O.TECH Tactical Mission Go Bag A1
From: £129.99 (£108.33 ex.VAT)
S.O.TECH Tactical Rapid Response Bandoleer
From: £64.99 (£54.16 ex.VAT)
S.O.TECH Tactical Viper Flat IFAK, A1
£99.99 (£83.33 ex.VAT)

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