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Spiritus Systems LV-119 OVERT Front Plate Bag

£91.66 (ex. VAT)
Spiritus Systems LV-119 OVERT Front Plate Bag
Spiritus Systems LV-119 OVERT Front Plate Bag
Spiritus Systems LV-119 OVERT Front Plate Bag
Spiritus Systems LV-119 OVERT Front Plate Bag
Spiritus Systems LV-119 OVERT Front Plate Bag
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*** The LV119 Front Plate Bag requires a Rear Bag and Cummerbund for proper operation. ***

The O V E R T shares the same profile as the C O V E R T plate bags but with modifications that make it more suitable for high profile operations. The front bag features a 3 Row / 4 Column MOLLE field that doubles as a 6” x 3” Velcro Field. This may be used to attach End User Devices (EUDs), such as those made by KAGWERKS or Juggernaut Defense. The Velcro may be used to mount placards, patches, and IR identifiers. The MOLLE can also be used to mount administrative pouches, frag grenade pouches, or anything else users may require quick need access to.

Placard and Chest Rig Integration.

All LV/119 Plate Bags offer placard and chest rig integration via removable 1 Inch ITW NEXUS Buckles. These clips are removable, allowing users to reduce the signature of the plate bag if it is being worn under a cover shirt or being utilized in a low-profile role. 

Push To Talk Support.

Each O V E R T front plate bag comes standard with a PTT/Porkchop Loop on either side.

Communication Cable Routing.

The Modern Warfighter and Law Enforcement Officer has a radio. To date, the majority of manufacturers have not taken end-user communications needs in to their design considerations - we endeavor to break that paradigm.  The O V E R T front bag offers open shoulders to facilitate commo cable routing inside the plate bags and over the shoulders. It also offers small routing points by the 1 Inch ITW NEXUS buckles on the chest - easily accommodating PTT cable routing.

Plate Fitment. 

The carrier was designed to fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates. The bags were built to accommodate "thicker" plates, but they will not fit plates that are NOT cut to the SAPI Spec. 

Medium -10" x 12.5" 

Large - 10.25" x 13.25" 

Thickness - MAXIMUM of 1.20" 

Spiritus Systems
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