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S&S Navboard FlipLite

S&S Navboard FlipLite
S&S Navboard FlipLite
S&S Navboard FlipLite
S&S Navboard FlipLite
S&S Navboard FlipLite
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S&S Navboard FlipLite™ allows you to place your phone on your plate carrier to access valuable information quickly from your phone. With silicone retention straps to secure the phone, the FlipLite can hold a large variety of phones from the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. To keep your device safe the silicon bands are ribbed so they don’t slide off and the bungee lock automatically stows away so it doesn’t interfere with phone use. Utilizing two 2x4 MOLLE fields, the FlipLite™ can be easily donned or doffed via two quick straps. Additionally, it can be worn on a belt or belly band. If you're looking to run this on The Slickster™ you'll want the ADAPT Molle Panel.

  • Case Agnostic -  fits smart devices up to 3.5” W x 6.75” L x 0.6875” with or without case
  • Adjustable Friction Hinge
  • Silicone retention straps are ribbed to keep from sliding off
  • Bungee lock auto-stows out of the way and does not interfere while using a smart device
  • Attaches to 4 x 2 MOLLE/PALS field via two mounting straps
  • Integrated belly band slots

NOTE: While it is phone agnostic, some phone cameras will not line up perfectly with the cutouts.

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