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Tactical Tailor Rogue Plate Carrier
Tactical Tailor Rogue Plate Carrier  Tactical Tailor Rogue Plate Carrier  Tactical Tailor Rogue Plate Carrier  
The Tactical Tailor Rogue product line is TTs newest addition to already long, amazing list of product lines. Tactical Tailor’s Rogue line uses the newest advancement in design and materials to bring light weight, efficiency, and versatility to the Military Professional, Police Officer, Contractor, or Range Shooter while still being affordable.

The Rogue plate carrier is a light-weight low profile carrier, designed with the utmost efficiency, and functionality factored in. This highly adaptable plate carrier can be used in Low Vis body armor situations, but with the additions of other Rogue products this carrier can be quickly converted into a direct action carrier.

• Tweave construction to allow for odd sized plates, or allow the user to size up one plate size.
• Laser cut Rubberized Nylon with MOLLE channels for light-weight strength.
• Included elastic cummerbund has 4 channels per side for rifle magazines, radio, etc.
• Large loop panels with MOLLE channels can be used to attach the Rogue Adaptable chest rig, Tactical Tailor RRPS pouches, or MOLLE on any of the Rogue line of pouches or TT pouches.
• Plate carrier weighs in at 1.05 pounds by itself without side-plate pockets.
• Rogue Skeletonized MOLLE Webbing can be used as an alternative cummerbund.


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