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TAG MOLLE Weapons Catch
TAG MOLLE Weapons Catch  TAG MOLLE Weapons Catch  TAG MOLLE Weapons Catch  TAG MOLLE Weapons Catch
TAG MOLLE Weapons Catches is the first and only unbreakable weapons catch in the world. The inner core of the MOLLE weapons catch is made out of cold rolled aluminum. This makes the weapons catch stiff , yet bendable if needed for different weapons platforms. You will not have to force your weapon into it causing it to break like traditionally made kydex or plastic weapons catches.

The radial bend in the weapons catch has been made larger to accommodate all weapons with rail mounts that have scopes, red dot sights, holographic sights, laser aiming devices, flashlights, and assault grips mounted to them. If it is too large or to small you can bend it to suit your specific needs. This product is ideal for temporarily securing your weapon while climbing fences, going over walls, climbing ladders, prisoner handling, rappelling, fast roping, driving a boat, handling explosives while on target or helping to carry wounded or injured personnel. Berry Compliant, Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty.

  • Bendable yet unbreakable
  • Made with an aluminum core
  • Fits all weapons platforms
  • Best way to temporarily secure your weapon

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