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THYRM SwitchBack Backup Click
THYRM SwitchBack Backup Click    
The SwitchBack Backup Click Flashlight Ring enhances your compact flashlight, optimizing ergonomics for searching and shooting.

The SwitchBack Backup Click Flashlight Ring mounts between the tail cap and body of your flashlight, making it secure regardless of impact, moisture, and heat/cold changes. 

SwitchBacks can be used with handguns or long guns, allowing the user to:
•Reliably deploy and index flashlight from both pockets and pouches, using the SwitchBack’s rigid retention ring.
•Shoot using a natural two-handed grip (the SwitchBack Technique).
•Employ all traditional low-light techniques such as Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries.
•Positively retain the light when drawing a firearm, reloading, and malfunction clearance.
The SwitchBack Backup Click Flashlight Ring also provides fast deployment and enhanced retention during many activities such as climbing, backpacking, car and home maintenance, and self-defence.
Designed in collaboration with Chris Costa, Costa Ludus.

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