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T.REX ARMS Orion Belt NEW 4.0 Version

£112.49 (ex. VAT)
T.REX ARMS Orion Belt NEW 4.0 Version
T.REX ARMS Orion Belt NEW 4.0 Version
T.REX ARMS Orion Belt NEW 4.0 Version
T.REX ARMS Orion Belt NEW 4.0 Version
T.REX ARMS Orion Belt NEW 4.0 Version
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Load-bearing solutions come in many forms. Effective belt systems have become very popular with law enforcement, military, and prepared citizens. Gear worn on the hips is accessible, supported by the body well, and a good system can be very fast to put on. While there are many belts available on the market, T.REX ARMS set out with Coyote Tactical Solutions to create a design that incorporates features we’ve always wanted in a belt.

The result: a low profile, light-weight, non-slip, belt sleeve. The Orion. We wanted a belt that would stay stuck to the user. Minimal shifting. Whether you’re dropping prone, shooting behind cover in an adverse position, or sprinting. The belt has rubber non-slip material on the inside, but if you want even more stability… you can attach any of the three tie-downs on the inside of the Orion to your pants belt.

In regards to the new 4.0: gone are the days of neoprene which flexes/rolls, slips when wet and breaks down after hard use. Our new foam laminate is a multi stage foam that incorporates an outer non slip rubberized molded foam, an inner padding layer, and an integrated stiffener (no more HDPE sleeves) with a 600D fabric coating to prevent abrasion from your inner belt. Built to last and what we think will be the industry standard going forward.

The Orion DOES NOT include an inner belt with buckle. You must buy that separately. The Orion is compatible with 1.5″-1.75″ inner belts.
MEDIUM – 9 panels – 36″ long – Roughly size 30-34 waist
LARGE – 10 panels – 39.5″ long – Roughly size 34-38 waist
T-Rex Arms
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